Ready – Vision – Worship: Sanctuary Renovations

Ready to Worship: Sanctuary Renovations


The following will be accomplished through the renovation:

  • A chair lift addition will allow our worship space to be 100% handicap accessible.
  • Wall treatments will cover the existing 8" x 8" block, creating a smooth textured wall.
  • Carpet and pew cushions will be replaced and reupholstered with a softer color. Final color scheme has not been selected.
  • The Chancel area will be extended, removing the center steps, and safer stairways on each side of the Chancel area will be added.
  • The center raised Altar areas will be removed, creating a single level floor, allowing greater flexibility for use of the Chancel area.
  • Choir loft will be centered, improving sound.
  • Lighting, audio, and video will all be updated.