Ready – Vision – Grow – 40 Year Plan

Ready to Grow: 40 Year Master Plan


The renovations proposed are part of a comprehensive 40-year master plan for our campus that will ensure our congregation remains a vibrant, thriving part of Belmont for years to come.

The 40-year master plan anticipates significant growth for our congregation as well as the reality that much of our current facility, built in 1975, will reach the end of its lifespan, requiring significant improvements over the next decades. Designed in multiple phases, the plan includes:

  • A new children’s wing, with space for our Child Development Center
  • New adult classrooms, youth and music space
  • Construction of a new sanctuary

The purpose of the plan is to ensure that any construction we undertake now can be incorporated into any future projects as need for them arises. The new narthex space currently being proposed is part of the 40-year master plan.

Earlier this year, by vote of the Charge Conference, we also began readying ourselves for growth by purchasing two properties adjacent to our campus totaling 2.86 acres. While the current building proposal does not incorporate these properties, they are crucial to the 40-year master plan developed by our architects.