The Mysterious Christ – Beginning January 10, 2021

When Jesus began his public ministry, he was often an elusive, mysterious figure.  The Gospels, and Mark in particular, tells us that Jesus often went to great lengths to hide his identity, even urging people not to tell others about his miraculous powers or authority.  Join us beginning January 10 as we explore the mysterious side of Jesus, answering the question of just who he is, discovering more about ourselves and our purpose along the way.

January 10 – Mark 1:4-11 – Secrets Revealed

January 17 – John 1:43-51 – Come and See the Mystery

January 24 – Mark 1:14-20 – Compelling Mystery

January 31 – Mark 1:21-28 —  The Amazing, Astounding Jesus

February 7 – Mark 1:29-39 – Set Free from our Secrets

February 14 – Mark 9:2-9 – What is Glory?