Walk the Labyrinth

Father, be the Goal of my pilgrimage, and my Rest by the way.

— St. Augustine

In early 2021 our Board of Trustees approved the installation of a labyrinth on the floor of our outdoor pavilion.  Installed in early March, we pray this labyrinth will serve as an invaluable tool to deepen the prayer life of our congregation and community and help us to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

A labyrinth is a geometrically designed walking path leading to and from a central point. It is not a maze; you cannot get lost. There are no dead ends. The point is not disorientation, but orientation.

Labyrinths have been used by Christians for prayer and mediation for centuries.  The most famous labyrinth is in Chartres Cathedral in France.  Our labyrinth is modeled after the Chartres labyrinth.  For medieval Christians, walking the labyrinth was imagined to be a spiritual journey to the Holy Land.  For others, it provides a metaphor for the Christian journey itself, offering time to listen, discern and respond to God as you walk its sacred path.

Click here for a guide to praying the labyrinth.