Middle School Ministries

Middle School Ministries


Sunday Nights 5:00-6:30pm

Youth Group is a place where middle school students can hang out with friends and explore topics that are relevant to their lives and faith. At youth group you can ask the tough questions, dive into scripture, build lasting relationships, and worship alongside your peers, all while seeking to know God more. 5:00—Recreation 5:40—Message 5:55—Small Group 6:25-Closing Throughout the year we normally have occasional fellowship outings and service outreach opportunities off campus.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, most evenings we will remain on campus.


Tuesday  Evenings 7:30pm ~ on Zoom

Students will be studying a variety of the Epistles and smaller, typically less known books in the Bible. We will dive deeper into the Bible through interactive and dialog-based curriculum. We will explore different stories from the Bible and learn more about what it looks like for us to be like Jesus in our schools, our homes, on our sports teams and more!


Rising ninth graders will be participating with the High Schoolers serving in Cherokee NC. Those rising into seventh and eighth grades will be invited to participate in a local experience here in the Belmont area.  This two day experience will provide the students with opportunities to serve those among us, engaging in Bible Study and enjoying each other through different recreation offerings. Throughout the week teenagers will have the opportunity to serve others and experience God in a way that will show each of them how they can  be more like Jesus Christ in their communities and beyond. Youth - image of the cross


For more information on Youth Ministries or joining one of our activities, contact Margie Ligon:  margie@fumcbelmont.org; 704-825-2106