Confirmation Program

Confirmation Program
(7-12th Grades)

Confirmation in the United Methodist Church is an opportunity for young Christians to learn more about the faith of the church, the history of Methodism, and what it means to be a disciple of Christ in every aspect of your life. The confirmation program is open to all 7th grade students.

Each student will be paired with a Confirmation Mentor, who is an adult member of our congregation who will serve as a faith mentor throughout the year.

The next Confirmation Class will begin fall of 2022. This interactive learning experience will allow students to engage with one another as they explore, learn, and deepen their faith.

Different curriculums are utilized in order to give the youth a strong foundation to understanding their Christian and United Methodist roots.



For more information on Youth Ministries or joining one of our activities, contact Margie Ligon:  margie@fumcbelmont.org704-825-2106.