Care Teams

Care Teams Return- Fall 2019

Click here to apply online

Hard copies of applications are available in the narthex.  Applications should be completed and no later than September 8th.  If you complete your application online, it will be received automatically.  Paper applications should be returned to the church.

When we encounter someone who is living at the margins of society, we have a tendency to shy away for fear of not knowing what to say or do or because these persons seem so very different from us.  Yet, when we take the time to get to know someone, to hear their stories, we learn that we are not all that different.  Sometimes, because many of us lead a comfortable lifestyle, we avoid these encounters out of shame- shame that we aren’t doing more, shame that we have so much when others have very little.  Whatever your hesitation, if any, has been in the past, we are hopeful that you will prayerfully consider this meaningful re-launch of our Care Team Ministry coming to FUMC-Belmont this fall.

We have partnered with our local Family Promise Ministry to offer a formal partnership, as we seek to create deep and meaningful relationships in which we experience life together with families who are experiencing homelessness or have recently secured housing but still need the support of friends.  Care Teams will commit to journeying in life together over the course of a year with regular opportunities to break bread together and be in fellowship with one another (at least 8 in-person gatherings throughout the year and 4 via phone).

**Applications will be collected between now and September.  Each Care Team will be required to attend training on either September 11th at 6:30 p.m. or September 15th following the 11:00 a.m. worship service.