About Us
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At First United Methodist, everything we do is guided by the mission, values, purpose, and strategic anchors you see here. Much more than just nice words that look good on a website, they truly reflect our congregation and are an active part of every conversation and initiative. We’d love for you to ask us about them!

OUR MISSION – Why do we exist?

United in the Spirit, First United Methodist Church Belmont exists to be more like Jesus Christ for our community and beyond.

OUR CORE VALUES – How do we behave?

Core Values

OUR PURPOSE – What do we do?

Our primary focus is to align our ministries to make disciples of Jesus Christ who live joyfully, give generously, are caring and compassionate toward others, build healthy relationships, and live out an active, curious faith.

OUR STRATEGIC ANCHORS – How will we succeed?

  1. Worship will be successful when we experience God’s presence.
  2. Learning will be successful when we experience transformation, becoming more like Jesus.
  3. Outreach will be successful when we experience building fruitful relationships in our community that result in new people engaging our congregation.
  4. Service will be successful when we experience sustained relationships with the poor and needy in our community.
  5. Fellowship will be successful when we experience deepening relationship within our congregation.


For more information, contact Mark Sutton:  mark@fumcbelmont.org; 704-825-2106