A Lenten Examination Based on the Ten Commandments

A Lenten Examination Based on the Ten Commandments

Having No Other Gods

Do I love God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength?

Making No Idols

Do I put possessions, career, family, reputation, or health ahead of God? Do I treat money, sex, and power as gifts or gods?

Revering God’s Name

Do all my words and actions glorify God?

Keeping the Sabbath

Do I let work take over my life? Do I find my identity in work or in being God’s child? Do I set aside a full day each week to rest?

Honoring Parents

Do my parents know I value and respect them? Do my children?

Respecting Life

How do I respond when I am humiliated, insulted, or treated unfairly? Am I quick to forgive, or do I hold grudges and seek revenge? Do I let my anger get the better of me?

Respecting Marriage

Am I chaste? Do I flirt? Do I treat friends or strangers as objects of my lust? Do I treat sex as a precious and holy gift? Do I support and affirm the marriages of others?

Respecting Property

Am I greedy? Do I have things that rightly belong to others? Am I honest with regard to taxes, expenses, loans, and debts? Am I a generous giver?

Respecting Truth

Do I exaggerate to impress? Do I gossip? Do I keep my promises? Do I face the truth about myself? Do I share my true self with others?

Curtailing Envy

Am I jealous? Am I thankful? Am I content with what God has given me? Is the grass always greener on the other side? Do I curse the fact that life always seems easier for others?