Operation Sandwich: August 27 and 28, 2020

This month we have an opportunity to prepare and donate sandwiches to the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte. They serve about 800 sandwiches a day to homeless neighbors in the area. You can help by preparing sandwiches at home then and dropping them off at church on the following dates: August 27 (Thursday)- 7-8 PM or August 28 (Friday)- 10-11 AM. To practice social distancing, you can just place your donations in the vehicles that will deliver the sandwiches. Please read the following guidelines carefully.

Sandwich Guidelines

  • Use either white or soft whole wheat sandwich bread, no heels please. A loaf of bread will make approximately 10-15 sandwiches.
  • For meat sandwiches, use ham, turkey, roast beef or bologna. Please use your best judgment on the number of slices per sandwich. We are looking to serve hearty sandwiches. Neighbors also like a slice of cheese on their sandwiches, please include if your budget allows. If you have to choose between making fewer sandwiches and making better sandwiches, please choose better! Think about the sandwich YOU would like to eat at lunch.
  • No mayonnaise or mustard on the sandwiches. Individual packets of condiments are very much appreciated.
  • It’s not necessary to add lettuce or tomato.
  • Please…no Peanut Butter & or pimento cheese.
  • The neighbors love egg salad!
  • It is ideal to put sandwiches in individual baggies. Please feel free to use the least-expensive sandwich bags — no need for zip locks. You can stack the assembled sandwiches inside the bread bag.
  • Please keep meat/cheese sandwiches refrigerated.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to be like Jesus Christ for our community and beyond. If you have questions, please contact Lisa Millspaw (704-691-9351) or Jessica Durham (704-418-4677).