Our mission statement calls us to be more like Jesus Christ for our community and beyond.  We havezoe-color-no-byline-smaller recently decided to make a significant commitment to being Christ beyond Belmont by investing in the transformation of the lives of vulnerable children through Zoe.  We have become a Zoe Hope Companion, and will be partnering with them to help an entire community of vulnerable children and orphans in Rwanda overcome extreme poverty in such a way that they improve not only their own lives, but the lives of others as well.

At the end of our three year commitment, we hope for children to emerge from ZOE able to secure their own food, send their siblings to school, run businesses, and be leaders in their community. And perhaps especially, they will understand God’s love for them and pass their blessings on to other children in need.

You can contribute to our Zoe effort by clicking here.


For more information about one of our activities, contact Kristen Surratt: kristen@fumcbelmont.org; 704-825-2106