March 24, 2017

Dear FUMC Family,

Happy Friday!  As the weekend approaches, I hope you will plan to join us here on Sunday for worship.  We’re continuing our look at keeping Sabbath, thinking this week about how Sabbath is time set aside for being with God, and how time spent with God helps mold and shape us as people who are becoming more and more like Jesus together.

Our Scripture this week comes from John 15:1-8, where Jesus compares our relationship with him to the vines and branches of a glorious vineyard.  What Jesus seems to be hoping for in the passage is that our lives, like vines and branches themselves, will bear fruit, in other words that his goodness, mercy and love will come to life in us.  That’s the great gift of a relationship with Jesus.

I’ll never forget reading a biographical sketch for a visiting preacher when I was in college.  It described one of her hobbies as “nurturing friendships.”  So often we think good friendships and relationships just happen.  But such a description reminds us that friendships and relationships take work and time – we must nurture them if they are to grow.

One of the great gifts of Sabbath is the time to nurture our friendship and relationship with God.  God has given us time–a whole day every seven days–to spend with Him.  That’s what we’re about every Sunday morning: worshipping, spending time in prayer and study, listening for God’s Word for us.  So, I hope you can join us this week.  We have worship at 8:30 and 11:00.  At 8:30 we’ll share in Holy Communion and at 11:00, we’ll celebrate the baptism of Claire Wilhelm.  It’s going to be a great morning!  I hope to see you then!

In the meantime, please know how grateful I am to serve as your pastor.  And know that I’m always here if I can be of any help or service to you in any way.  May God bless you and those you love today.

In Christ,