Children’s Music

Sing for joy,
Sing together as we learn to live a life of praise.

Sing for joy,
Sing together as we grow in knowledge and grow in faith.


Timing: Mondays from the end of school until 5pm
Ages: 3rd grade-5th grade

After being picked up from Belmont Central Elementary School, children are given a simple snack and then the fun begins! For the first 30 minutes, they spend time learning about the Bible through a variety of engaging activites. Then, they spend 25 minutes reading and singing music, 20 minutes learning and playing ToneChimes, and 30 minutes playing Orff instruments (thanks to help from Jane McLean!).


Timing: Tuesdays from the end of school until 4pm
Ages: kindergarten-2nd grade

For this program, children are picked up from both Page and Belmont Central Elementary Schools. After a simple snack, they spend 30 minutes learning about the Bible through fun, age-relevant instruction and then 30 minutes focused on music – anything from singing songs to playing instruments!


On the 2nd Sunday of each month, children sing, ring handbells, or play Orff instruments (or maybe a combination!) during the 11am worship service. We created this monthly timing to hopefully make scheduling easier for busy parents and children. We know life gets crazy, though, so we also email a reminder to parents of participating children the week prior to the service.


Christmas Eve Nativity
All children are invited to become a part of the Nativity Story during the 5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Service. Children are provided with costumes and help bring the Nativity to life for our congregation. Check our events page for more information.
Love Feast
Our children’s choirs provide music for our church’s Love Feast, which is held during the month of December. Check our events page for more information.


For more information on Music Ministries or joining one of our activities, contact Renee Painter:; 704-825-2106 ext 14