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Take Two begins February 7!

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Take Two is a new and exciting after school opportunity for our elementary-aged children.  During Take Two, children will spend time participating in both Christian and music education activities.

Through singing and playing instruments, children will be exposed to the hymns of our faith, not only learning about the musical aspects (note names and values, dynamics, etc), but also about the hymn writers’ connection to the Methodist faith and the stories that inspired the hymns.

Our discipleship time will focus on our church-wide themes of study, incorporating them into age-appropriate lessons for children, helping them become more familiar with the stories of our faith and consider how those themes apply to our lives today.  As the children learn these stories, we will learn how to navigate through our Bibles and memorize Scripture that we can refer to as we grow older.

Our first theme will be exploring the many emotions that we feel in life and how they are acknowledged in the Bible.  We will refer to the movie Inside Out to help us open the conversation about anger, fear, joy and sadness.  We will then turn to the Scriptures to look at examples of each and how God and the people in the Bible felt these same emotions.  How can we approach these emotions in our every day lives at home with our siblings and in school with our peers and teachers?

Oh yeah…and why Take Two? Because it’s a second, fresh take on our after school programs that have been successful for so many years and because God always gives us second chances!

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