Holy Week 2024


Palm/Passion Sunday
March 24 |   8:30 and 11:00 a.m. 

Join us for worship as we remember Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem, marking the beginning of his final week leading to the cross.

Prayer Stations

March 27 – 31

Prayer stations will be set up in the Sanctuary and in the Narthex.  This will give you an opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross and ultimate sacrifice for us.  What God is calling you to let go of this season and how can you come closer to Him?

Maundy Thursday Service of Worship
Thursday, March 28   |   7:00 p.m.

Maundy Thursday is named for the mandatum (Latin for “commandment”) Jesus’ gave on this night to love one another as he shared his Last Supper with the disciples.  This year, we gather on this night to feast with him again in the celebration of Holy Communion.  The service includes beautiful music and a “stripping” of the altar, removing ornamentation and color from the chancel to mark the solemnity of the occasion.

Community Cross Walk
Friday, March 29  |   12:00 noon   |    Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter

Join our brothers and sisters in Christ from around Belmont for a moving, socially-distanced walk through downtown Belmont, remembering Christ’s journey to the cross.  The walk concludes at First Presbyterian Church.

Good Friday Tenebrae Service
Friday, March 29   |   7:00  p.m. 

Our Tenebrae Service, or “Service of Shadows” retells the story of Good Friday through Scripture, music and a gradual dimming of the sanctuary to total darkness.  The service will be live-streamed.  We remember on this night what makes Good Friday good, for on this day God’s deepest love for us was revealed in the death of Jesus Christ.

Community Easter Sunrise Service
Sunday, March 31  | Greenwood Cemetery

We’ll gather as a community with our brothers and sisters from around Belmont to celebrate the resurrection.

Easter Sunday Service of Worship
Sunday, March 31 |   8:30 and 11:00 a.m.

Join us for Easter Sunday Worship with Holy Communion and special music.  It will be a grand day as we celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death and claim our place as God’s “Easter People!”