With Every Act of Love

"God put a million doors in the world for his love to walk through... one of those doors is you."  

- Jason Gray

A question we often ask here at FUMC is, "Where have you seen God today?"  When you think about it, this question doesn’t ask if God was there, but where. As people of faith, we have an expectant hope that God is always with us, often working through us to show love to others. Our hope is a challenge to see every moment—no matter how small—as an opportunity to do God’s work. As Jason Gray wrote in his popular song, “with every act of love, we bring the kingdom come.”

Every moment is an opportunity to meet and respond to God in our lives. Every act and decision is a chance to love, serve and bring God’s kingdom come. Among the most important are the decisions we make in the life of faith are those about our financial generosity to Christ’s church. Our giving is not primarily about funding the church budget, but rather a chance to use our resources to advance God’s kingdom.  Generosity is a powerful way for God's love to be made known in our world.  As Saint Paul says, “God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work.” The blessings we receive are meant to lead us into good works of love and service.

Join us at First United Methodist Church of Belmont as we are led into works of love together by supporting our ministry in 2019.

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