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Fill the House

Catherine’s House serves women and children facing homelessness due to a variety of circumstances such as: domestic violence, un/underemployment, the shortage of affordable housing, unexpected tragedies, and the lack of a support network. When women enter the 4 month program, a Program Plan is developed based on her personal situation, her strengths and her current needs. Then, using the program components of
each resident is empowered with skills, information and the confidence she needs to regain – then sustain – a healthy and productive life. In this way, Catherine’s House is not just a place to stay…but a place to grow.

FUMCB provides support to Catherines House throughout the year and during the month of May do a collection to help create “Welcome” baskets for the women to receive when they enter Catherine’s House. The supplies we will collect become the property of the new resident to help them have ownership over particular goods and when they exit the program these items are theirs to retain.

To make sure we have what we need we ask you to sign up by clicking HERE to designate what you are donating. All donations will be collected between 8:30-12:00 on Sunday May 16th and 23rd. Thank you for participating in this ministry.